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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Methods Of Cleaning Are There?
    • There are basically two types of cleaning, wet & dry.

      Dry cleaning is often much less effective at removing soiling from deep within the pile and can leave a residue that will cause re-soiling quickly.

      Wet cleaning can be done in a variety of ways and great care should be taken to avoid shrinkage, browning and dye-bleed. The most effective form of cleaning is with a hot water extraction machine and industry approved solutions. Hot cleaning solution is forced into the fibres under pressure and then immediately sucked back out bringing soiling, odour and bacteria with it.

      A professional cleaner will not over-wet the item being cleaned and will always survey prior to cleaning.

  • How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?
    • Carpet and upholstery cleaning should be carried out regularly depending on the amount of wear, traffic, and use it has. For example, a family of two adults and four children will probably need a living room carpet cleaned every six months but Grandma & Grandad who live alone will probably require a clean every two to three years.

      On average, we recommend carpet cleaning every 12 months and upholstery every 12 - 24 months depending upon circumstances and level of service.

  • What is Your Honest pricing Promise?
    • We operate an Honest Pricing Promise and a menu system that suits all budgets and cleaning problems. We don't give prices over the telephone because we are a professional company and to ensure that we can provide you with an excellent service, we always survey before quotation or service. We need to make sure we can clean your carpet without problems such as dye-bleed, shrinkage and browning. Upholstery can have different problems and modern textiles are not always cleanable. We will discuss our survey with you, ensuring your complete satisfaction and ours.

      Some less professional companies will price over the telephone. This should be avoided because the price you are given is rarely the price you will end up paying. Expensive additional services are added at the service appointment and the service is usually sub-standard. We include everything in our quotation to get the job done well. If we fail to see something at your survey appointment, we will clean it at no extra cost. This is part of our Honest Pricing Promise. The price we quote is the price you pay, guaranteed.

  • My Child Has Eczema/Asthma/Allergy, Will It Help?
    • Of course, regular cleaning is an essential part of healthy and hygienic living conditions.

      For anyone suffering from allergy, asthma & respiratory conditions, skin problems and nasal inflammation, the need for regular cleaning is even more important. Regular cleaning will help to provide a hygienic environment for modern lifestyles.

  • Are The Solutions You Use Dangerous
    • We ask that you follow simple precautions while we are cleaning. We require you to keep animals out of the area and to cover fish tanks. We will provide you with overshoes if necessary and talk to you about health & safety issues. The solutions that we use are not highly poisonous but are cleaning solutions and we always treat them with care and caution. You will not be in any danger whilst your cleaning is being carried out as long as you are sensible and keep children away from our machinery, tools and equipment.

  • What Standards Do You Work To?
    • We will change our shoes before coming into your home.

      We always wear a uniform.

      Our survey will highlight any problem areas and we will bring these to your attention.

      If necessary we will carry out industry-approved tests to determine the potential shrinkage, dye-bleed and browning.

      We only use industry-approved products, methods and equipment.

      We treat stains separately prior to the main cleaning so that we can make the best possible attempt to remove them.

      We remove as much dry soiling as possible before the wet process. We do not smoke.

      We will answer your questions and treat your surroundings with the utmost respect.

      We consider every invitation into a customer's home a privilege.

  • What Guarantee Will I Have?
    • We guarantee that we will stick to our quoted price.

      We pride ourselves on our honesty, high standards and excellent track record of customer satisfaction and after sales care.

      We work to constant high standards and do not expect our customers to be happy with anything less.

  • Is Protector Really Necessary?
    • Carpet & fabric protector is the last step in professional cleaning. It helps to resist soiling and spills and can extend the life of your furniture & carpets.

  • Why Do You Recommend Regular Cleaning?
    • Regular cleaning provides a healthy environment in which to live. It reduces dust mite levels and the conditions that can be attributed to high infestations.

      Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery. Soiling acts like an abrasive, wearing away at fibres and causing premature wear and damage.

  • How Long Will My Carpet / Upholstery Take To Dry
    • Carpet should be completely dry within a few of hours.

      Certain things will effect the drying time, such as humidity, dense, long piled carpet and closed windows. In a ventilated area, you should not experience any drying problems.


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